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Police car hit by mailbox thrown from overpass on I-91 in Coventry

COVENTRY — A police cruiser was hit Monday night by a mailbox still attached to the wooden post and cement block after it was thrown from an overpass on I-91.

Deputy Tyler Jacobs was headed north on I-91 in Coventry when he saw a man with the object throw it off of the overpass and onto I-91 below as he approached.

He swerved into the passing lane but was unable to avoid hitting the mailbox.

The police cruiser sustained damage to the undercarriage and front tire, but Jacobs was uninjured.

Both the north and southbound lanes of I-91 were littered with debris from the incident.

Police say the mailbox was reported stolen on Monday.

Anyone with information on this incident should call the Orleans County Sheriff’s Department at 802-334-3333.

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  1. Thank you to Deputy Jacobs who saved me from hitting that cement block and debris driving home from work. If Deputy Jacobs had not cautioned me by using his strobe light I would have crashed into the cement block which was in the fast lane.


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