Infant’s grave vandalized at St. Paul’s Cemetery in Barton

in Barton

BARTON – Police are investigating a ghoulish crime where an infant’s grave was disturbed at St. Paul’s Cemetery in Barton in September.

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Police say they were contacted by Father Timothy Naples of the St. Paul’s Church on September 21, reporting a suspicious incident at the cemetery.

According to the report, sometime between September 1 and September 9, a grave of an infant, who passed in the 1980’s, was disturbed and the coffin breached.

The family of the infant reported the vandalism to Father Timothy.

It’s been reported that the infant’s coffin was opened through a 5-inch hole, and authorities are waiting for permission to exhume the body to see if the remains were disturbed.

The investigation is ongoing, and police are asking anyone with information regarding this incident to call (802) 334-3333.

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