VSP and Border Patrol work together to bust teens they say broke into Derby man’s camp

in Derby/Essex County

DERBY — Police say they worked together with the US Border Patrol in Derby to stake out a camp in Averill that was broken into and being used as a party spot by a group of teenagers.

On September 21, Ronald Griffin, 75, of Derby, contacted police to report a burglary into his camp located at 264 Beach Road in Averill.

Police say they met with Griffin at the location and determined that several people had broken into his camp and were possibly still using it. They say there were some personal items in the camp that belonged to the subjects, as well as fire in the wood stove and food left around the kitchen.

According to police, there was also evidence that marijuana was being “used and possibly processed in the camp.”

Police say the decision was made to leave the camp as it was found for the night.

US Border Patrol was contacted concerning the break-in, and a plan was set up for them to conduct surveillance on the camp early the next morning.

The next day two Border Patrol agents and a trooper arrived at the camp and located a vehicle in the driveway.

“After conferring with the owner and learning he was not familiar with the vehicle owner, the course of action was to wait for the subjects to leave and stop them on the road,” a statement issued by police reads.

As time passed and no one was exiting the camp, authorities say the decision was made to surround the camp and order everyone out. After several attempts of using a police siren, three male subjects exited the camp. All three were taken into custody and transported to the Border Patrol office in Canaan for processing.

According to police, Austin Guyer, 18, of Morgan and Zachary Hawkins, 19, of Newport, were subsequently charged with burglary, larceny, and possession of marijuana.

The third suspect is listed on the report as a 16-year-old juvenile.

Police say there was a large quantity of marijuana seized from the camp along with more from the vehicle being used by the three.

The vehicle was seized as evidence.

“This was a perfect example of interagency cooperation with US Border Patrol and the State Police,” Detective Sergeant Larry Smith said. “Border Patrol Agents were instrumental in securing the perimeter around the camp as well as processing the scene.”

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