Prison guard from Barton caught red-handed stealing $100 from inmate

in Barton/Newport/News

NEWPORT — A corrections guard from Barton working at the Northern State Correctional Facility in Newport, pled guilty to stealing money from an inmate as she was being booked.


Ryan Duquette, 39, of Barton, plead no contest to a charge of petty larceny after police say he was caught pocketing a $100 bill while an inmate was being processed.

The incident took place back on August 13, 2015, when court records say a video camera caught Duquette putting the $100 bill in his pocket, when it should have been placed inside the prison’s safe.

The investigation was opened when the woman was released from jail and did not receive her money back.

Duquette was given a suspended sentence of one to three months, after pleading guilty to the larceny charge that was knocked down from the original charge of embezzlement.

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