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    Photos of the missing items issued by the Vermont State Police.

84-year old North Troy woman has sterling silver collection taken in burglary

in News/North Troy

NORTH TROY — An 84-year-old woman from North Troy told police on Thursday that for the second time her home has been burglarized, and this time her collection of sterling silver is missing.

Anne McKay, of North Troy, left her home on River Road at around 9 a.m. on Thursday, police say, and when she arrived back at around 3 p.m., she noticed some of her items were out of place and all of her sterling silver serving sets were missing.

Police say the missing silver consists of:

60 piece set with a modern pattern, some with Mother of Pearl handles.

54 piece set of Towle sterling silver.

An assortment of 30 coin silver teaspoons by various 19th-century makers.

7 large serving spoons.

1 shell shaped bowl spoon.

3 serving spoons.

3 assorted ladles.

1 cheese knife.

Anyone with any information about the missing silver is asked to call the Vermont State Police.

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