Irasburg man accused of marijuana grow operation pleads innocent

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IRASBURG — An Irasburg man was in court on Tuesday, where he pled innocent to a felony charge of growing marijuana.

Eric S. Greenfield, 39, was charged with growing more than 25 marijuana plants, after being picked up by police in Stowe back in 2015 with more than 10 pounds in his vehicle.

The affidavit, filed by Stowe Patrolman Kyle Walker, states that during the routine traffic stop, he noticed a strong smell of marijuana while approaching the vehicle.

Police say Greenfield admitted to having ten pounds of weed inside his Jeep, and a large tote bag containing the marijuana was taken from the vehicle.

Greenfield was transported to the Stowe Police Station to be processed and the marijuana weighed, while a judge in Orleans County granted police a search warrant to raid Greenfield’s home in Irasburg.

Police say they discovered a growing operation at the location, including lights, timers, watering systems, a ventilation system, and CO detectors. They also say they discovered 106 young plants and three larger ones.

During the raid in Irasburg, police located $9,000 in cash and a safe which contained a few diamonds and sapphires. At the station, the pot found in Greenfield’s Jeep weighed in at 10 pounds and ten ounces.

While in court earlier in the year in Lamoille County, Greenfield had the felony possession charges against him for the marijuana found in his vehicle dropped, after a judge ruled police acted without obtaining a warrant.

“Although it was a Sunday afternoon, there is no reason why Walker could not have simply seized the vehicle and its contents (including the Rubbermaid container) and eventually have obtained a search warrant for both,” Judge Dennis Pearson wrote in his judgement. “The car and its contents were not going to disappear right there in the parking lot, like Marty McFly in the Delorean.”

With this ruling in Lamoille County, Greenfield was not able to be charged for the marijuana he was found with in Stowe, but the cultivation charges were able to be brought to court in Orleans County.

Greenfield pled innocent in court on Tuesday to the felony charge of growing more than 25 marijuana plants.