NorthWoods to help landowners protect Memphremagog watershed

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NEWPORT — Increasing nutrient levels, sediment, and higher water temperatures are having a large impact on aquatic ecosystems within the Memphremagog Watershed.

Riparian buffers, the areas of vegetation immediately adjacent to any body of water, are nature’s way of preventing these imbalances.

Buffers provide shade, prevent erosion, and act as biofilters to reduce sediment and runoff from human activities.

Many streams, rivers, and lakes in Vermont are lacking riparian buffers, which compromises water quality. Lake Champlain has been in the news a lot recently, but Lake Memphremagog is facing similar issues.

While the benefits of buffers are clear, some landowners may have concerns about what is required to plant them.

For over a decade, NorthWoods Stewardship Center has assisted willing landowners to design and install riparian buffers and through a 2016-2017 Ecosystem Restoration Program Grant from the Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation, they are again able to provide this assistance.

The program covers 80 percent of the cost of trees and other materials and 100 percent of labor costs.

Planting season is fast approaching, and sites will need to be confirmed as soon as possible for inclusion in the spring planting.

For more information or to sign up, contact Meghann Carter at or by phone at 1-802-723-6551 ext. 302.

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