Local farm crowdfunding experimental passive cooler build

in Albany

ALBANY — Root cellars have been used for thousands of years, and ice houses at least a hundred, but both have their limitations. Many farms turn to a walk-in cooler to keep their produce refrigerated.

Peace of Earth Farm in Albany wants to try something different and experimental that operates without burning fossil fuels.

They are looking to take the principle of using earth as a constant insulator a step farther by adding tanks of water inside the cellar that will freeze during the cold months, utilizing a passive heat exchange system of copper pipes filled with butane.

The frozen tanks will slowly melt and cool the space in the summer months in order to meet the cooling needs of the farm year-round without electricity. 

They would like to extend the CSA season and be able to offer a winter share of storage crops to their CSA.  

After applying for several grants and loans without success, the farm has turned to the power of open source funding. They hope that people interested in supporting this appropriate technology and a small sustainable farm will chip in to make it happen. 
In order to build the root cellar and passive cooler, Peace of Earth Farm is currently fundraising via an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign. 

For more information regarding the details of the passive cooler project visit:

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