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Upcoming exhibition at the MAC will take viewers on a photographic journey to ANTARCTICA

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NEWPORT — While the Northeast Kingdom has been experiencing an unusually warm winter, replete with green grass and significant absence of snow and ice; there is one spot in Newport that you can glance the glaciers and feel the chill.


The MAC Center for the Arts is proud to announce the exclusive exhibit, opening February 20 in the downstairs gallery: ANTARCTICA – a Photographic Journey, by photographer, Stephen K. Malshuk.

Malshuk was born in Newport, Vermont in 1952. He holds a B.S. in Secondary Education, University of Vermont, 1974 and J.D., University of Puget Sound, 1985.

Steve spent his formative years in Orleans before going to Burlington, Vermont to attend college. To keep him from being too bored growing up; he spent lots of time at the Jones Memorial Library. While there, he found his favorite magazines contained the most photographs. What Orleans lacked for excitement, the photos in those publications compensated for.

He tends to favor photographing landscape since a landscape subject has never made a comment on what he could do to make it look “better.”

The photos in this exhibit are part of his “bucket” list of visiting all seven continents. Recently, he visited Asia. His remaining two continents are Africa and Australia.

Malshuk’s photographs have appeared in “California”, 1980, (Polaroid Type 52), Camera Arts Magazine, April, 1983; “Mt. Rainier”, 1986, Seattle P-I, June 17, 1999; “Self Portrait – watching my children at the beach”, 2001, (quad-black digital print) Seattle .

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