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Police looking for a man who entered a home in Troy and stole a cat

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TROY — Police are investigating a bizarre incident that took place on Sunday in Troy, where a man broke into an occupied home and stole a cat.

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The theft took place at around 5:42 p.m., at a home located at 1866 Vermont Route 105 East.

Police say after entering the home, the suspect told the resident he was looking for a cat named “Mason,” prior to taking the cat from the residence.

The cat is described as a darker striped tiger with white paws.

The suspect was described as an older male, approximately 5’5” tall, with grey hair, stubble beard, and was reportedly wearing a black or dark blue hooded coat and blue jeans.

He was seen leaving the residence in a smaller dark-colored four-door sedan.

According to a statement issued by police, the victim in the case is Dan Logan, 23, of Troy.

Police are asking anyone with information regarding this case to contact the Vermont State Police at (802) 878-7111.