Police save 35-year-old woman from overdose in Irasburg

in Irasburg/News

IRASBURG — Local police are saying that a 35-year-old woman was saved from a heroin overdose after being found unresponsive in Irasburg.

The incident took place on Park Avenue, where a 911 call came in alerting authorities of a possible drug overdose.

State Police and emergency medical personnel found an unresponsive 35-year-old woman sitting inside a vehicle. Police say when they arrived, her breathing was slow and she was taking shallow breaths.

The woman could not be awakened. 

There was evidence of intravenous drug use in the vehicle, and given her medical condition, Troopers administered a dose of their department issued Naloxone.

Naloxone is commonly administered to victims of drug overdose in an attempt to revive the victim. 

The woman subsequently regained consciousness and was transported to North Country Hospital by Orleans Ambulance for further medical treatment.

State Police say they believe this was the result of an apparent opiate overdose and the case remains under investigation.

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