Gun threats send Northeast Kingdom Human Services office into temporary lockdown

in News/St. Johnsbury

ST. JOHNSBURY — Police say that they are investigating a series of threatening phone calls that sent the Northeast Kingdom Human Services (NKHS) office in St. Johnsbury into lockdown this morning.

Police say that starting on Wednesday evening, the NKHS offices in St. Johnsbury started receiving phone calls threatening gun violence against the facility. The calls were picked up through the office answering machine. The calls came in again Thursday morning, and are reported to have escalated.

Vermont State Police were alerted and responded from the Derby and St. Johnsbury barracks, with assistance from the St. Johnsbury Police Department.  At that time, everyone was escorted from the building and a search of the facility was conducted. 

Police say no suspicious individuals or items were discovered in or around the building. 

Following the search, all staff and visitors were allowed back in the facility, and the lockdown was lifted at around 12 p.m.  

Investigators say that they have determined the calls originated from outside the country.

Police have said that despite rumors circulating, there was no ongoing threat.

“All area facilities and schools are currently open and fully operational,” a statement issued by police this afternoon read. “At this time, investigators do not believe there is an ongoing threat to NEK Human Services personnel or patients.” 

The investigation is ongoing.

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