Irasburg Select Board Chair Robin Kay resigns

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IRASBURG — Members of the Irasburg select board announced on Tuesday the resignation of select board Chair Robin Kay, effective October 21.

At its next regular meeting on November 2, the board will appoint an interim replacement to serve on the select board until an election for the position can be held at Town Meeting in March 2016.

Kay cited personal circumstances and a deep concern for Irasburg’s future as the reasons for her resignation.

“Priorities in my personal life mean that I cannot bring to the select board all the energy and leadership that the times demand,” Kay said. “This is a critical moment for the town of Irasburg. The town has spoken: we must preserve our ridgelines from development by industrial wind projects. The select board has a vital role in this effort. However, at this time, other claims on my time and energy mean that I cannot bring to the select board chairmanship the level of dedication that will be required.”

Kay was elected to the Irasburg select board in 2011, the first woman to serve on the board. She became chair in 2014.

Kay’s announcement comes at a key moment for the town of Irasburg. David Blittersdorf, founder and CEO of All Earth Renewables, has announced his intention to build two 500-foot industrial wind turbines on Kidder Hill, just west of Irasburg’s village center.

At a special select board meeting held on October 1, Irasburg voters rejected the proposed industrial wind project by a vote of 274 to 9.

Also at the October 1 special meeting, the select board received petitions, signed by 421 of Irasburg’s 665 voters, asking the Select Board to oppose industrial wind development on Kidder Hill “by all means possible” and to develop a town plan to preserve all of Irasburg’s ridgelines from industrial wind turbine development.

After accepting Kay’s resignation, the select board agreed to publicize the opening for a new interim select board member to serve until Town Meeting elections in March.

The select board asks interested candidates to submit a letter of interest to the Select Board, Town of Irasburg, P.O. Box 51, Irasburg, VT 05845 or by electronic submission to

In other business, the select board appointed Dr. Ron Holland to serve as Irasburg’s representative in hearings before the Public Service Board related to an investigation of the meteorological tower that Blittersdorf erected on Kidder Hill.

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