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Police looking for men who conducted fake traffic stop in Coventry

COVENTRY — Police are investigating an incident in which a motorist was pulled over by two men pretending to be law enforcement officers. The men tried to get the driver to exit the vehicle during the fake traffic stop.

The incident happened at around 10 p.m. on Monday night on US Route 5, near the Coventry Village School.

The vehicle, a silver sedan with LED head lights, fog lights described as having “a unique appearance,” and flashing blue strobe lights mounted near the headlights, was occupied by two men who conducted the fake traffic stop on a passing motorist.

The motorist pulled over, but was suspicious of the stop when two male voices ordered him to put his hands up and step out of the vehicle.

When the motorist got on the phone to call 911, the car sped off at a high rate of speed south on Vermont Route 14 towards Irasburg Village.

Anyone with information is urged to contact Vermont State Police in Derby.

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