Lumber stolen from local Boy Scouts Troop 880 of Derby

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BARTON — Local Boy Scouts Troop 880 of Derby had a significant amount of lumber they were using for various projects stolen from them sometime last week. The lumber was being stored at a local lumber yard in Barton.

Police report that they received a call reporting the theft from EM Brown & Son. Police say Arthur Laplante advised the lumber had been purchased by the Boy Scouts, but had been left on the property until it was needed

The Boy Scouts were using the lumber for a number of projects, some of which were going to help them raise money for summer camp.

Lucy Neel, Scoutmaster of Troop 880, said that they were using some of that lumber in a project to build recycling receptacles to collect bottles to help raise money. They had also been using the lumber for the upkeep of a camp they use at Stearns Brook. The troop had been building a shed at the site.

Police say that the lumber that was stolen was 14 foot length pieces of pressure treated 2×6. They say that the lumber went missing sometime last week.

The value of the wood has not been estimated yet, but it is reported that it was a significant amount.

“We live by a code,” Scoutmaster Lucy Neel said. “We have a Boy Scouts code, and one is being trustworthy. It’s gut-wrenching to think that people would steal from the Boy Scouts.”

Police are asking that if anyone has information regarding this theft to contact the Derby State Police Barracks.

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