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Woman who worked as a local caregiver facing charges

Photo courtesy of the Vermont State Police.
Photo courtesy of the Vermont State Police.

DERBY — Police announced that on Monday, a 29-year-old woman with ties to Orleans County was arrested in Danville, following a 6 month investigation into her activities. The woman is facing numerous charges, some of which relate to her activities within Orleans County, going back to August of 2014.

Police say that Laura E. Duffy, of Richford, was taken into custody after a 6 month joint investigation with the DEA. Authorities say that she worked as a caregiver in the area, working in Brownington and Glover.

According to a statement issued by police, she is being charged with Possession of Regulated Drugs, Petit Larceny, Abuse, Neglect, and Exploitation of Vulnerable Adult.

Police say she was found in possession of prescription drugs that did not belong to her.

The term “vulnerable adult” has a very specific meaning as defined by Vermont law. A person is a vulnerable adult if he/she is:

1. Age 18 or older; and
2. is a resident of a licensed facility such as a nursing or community care home; or
3. is a patient in a psychiatric unit or hospital; or
4. has received personal care services for longer than one month; or
5. regardless of residence or whether any type of service is received, is impaired due to brain damage, infirmities of aging, or a physical, mental, or developmental disability.

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