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A successful first season for Now Playing Newport music series

Photo by Tanya Mueller.
Photo by Tanya Mueller.

NEWPORT — The Now Playing Newport music series has successfully completed its first season. Over 100 artists provided a wide spectrum of music and over 650 people attended the 9 programs presented. All in all it was a great start to a great series. Now Playing Newport is the only regular year-round music series in Newport.

Artists for the second season are being contacted for 12 or more programs planned for 2015. Organizers say that requests from artists to perform the series has been overwhelming.

Series Director Jim McKimm released this statement:

We want to extend our gratitude to St Marks for sharing the vision of this project. Their largesse has provided Now Playing Newport with a venue and collaborative partnership during our premiere season. Our second season is expanding rapidly and anticipates providing additional performance sites to accommodate for larger ensembles and audiences.

Responses from performers has been not only positive, but encouraging to broaden the series and encompass the Greater Newport area. The series is also highlighted with local youth talent under the direction of Dr. Sara Doncaster. In addition, we are extremely fortunate to have a resident orchestra in Newport under the baton of Ken Michelli offering small ensemble groups to the series. These concerts will be returning next season.

All of this talent needs underwriting. It has been a myth that many of the artists provide their talents gratis. For many of our artists, this is their livelihood. Occasionally fees are reduced by the performers to help us make the series affordable to the public. We are grateful for that. It allows us to keep ticket prices as low as possible so that many can attend. We do apply for grants, but they are getting fewer and very competitive, with no guarantee of acceptance.

So why not Join the Chorus and Sing the praises of the unique music series, Now Playing Newport and become a Patron of the Arts? We do not ask for much; every little bit helps and no amount is too small. The added bonus….your contribution is tax deductible.

We ask you to visit our Partnership page at our website. Here you will find a special thank you for your Business or Individual partnership of $75 or more to complete our programming plans for 2015. Of course, your attendance at our programs also gives us your support.

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