Mother-Drum Circle Solstice Performance at Stanstead Stone Circle

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L’Esprit des Vents performing in Alabama.
L’Esprit des Vents performing in Alabama.

STANSTEAD, QC — L’Esprit des Vents, one of Canada’s few female-only Mother-Drum groups, will be celebrating the Summer Solstice at the Stanstead Stone Circle (Notre Dame Blvd, Stanstead, Quebec) on Sunday, June 22nd from 3 – 5 p.m.

Similar to a pow-wow drum, a mother drum is a single drum large enough to be played by many people at the same time.

In recent years they have become increasingly popular as an integral part of many communities and drum circles, often used as a gathering place or “centering” device for individuals, couples, or large groups.

Singing in Native dialects, French, and English, L’Esprit des Vents has been performing at festivals and pow-wows for ten years throughout Quebec, Vermont, Maine, New Hampshire, and New York. They have even traveled as far as Florida, Alabama, and Arkansas, delighting their audiences with authentic native chants as well as more modern, Native-inspired songs.

The music of L’Esprit des Vents shares a message filled with joy and hope, coming from their great love and reverence for Mother Nature in all her forms.

Please provide your own chair and water.You may also bring your own picnic supper and join everyone for the post-event bonfire to celebrate the longest day, and the shortest night, of the year.

The suggested donation is $10 per person, $25 per family with 3 or more.

The success of the event depends on the weather. Please consult for last minute updates such as uncertain weather and driving instructions.

For more information contact Kim at 819 876 7492.

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