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Volunteers come together to help fix a roof

photo 3

All photos courtesy of Paul Kearse

NEWPORT — Richard and Christine Wojcik who live at 1094 Upper Quarry Rd, Newport, had a roof that closely resembled a sieve. Last Saturday, a group of local volunteers came together to remedy that.

Richard and Christine have a daughter suffering from leukemia and have been spending a lot of time in Boston for her treatment. On Saturday, Richard was there with The Northeast Kingdom arm of Upper Valley Habitat for Humanity to remove the existing asphalt shingle roof.

They removed the old shingles using square edge shovels and pounded down any remaining nails.

Paul Kearse, a contractor, followed along doing the actual roofing. Paul did this for free to help with the effort.

It was a cool day with a comfortable breeze, no rain, and great views of Willoughby Notch and Burke Mountain from the north. The group enjoyed fried chicken and pizza.

Below are some photos from the effort provided by Paul Kearse:

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photo 2

photo 5

photo 4

photo 4 (1)

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