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Roger Pion held responsible for $195,000 worth of damages

Roger Pion cop car crusher

NEWPORT — According to the Orleans County Sheriff’s Department, the damage they suffered as a result of Roger Pion’s escaped in August of 2012, is $195,000. The figure was calculated and turned over to the court by the department’s attorney Kristin Wright.

Pion is accused of crushing seven police cruisers after driving over them monster truck style with a large farm tractor.

Because Pion has still not answered the complaint, Judge Howard VanBenthuysen granted a default judgement to the department in its lawsuit against him. He was ordered to pay the cost of the damages.

The default judgement entitles the department to recover the $195,000, along with costs relating to the lawsuit as well, such as attorney fees.

Armand and Linda Pion, who were dismissed from the lawsuit, stated that their son had taken the tractor without their permission. Because they were dismissed, they are not held responsible for any of the damages.

The criminal case against Pion will move forward starting in June, when jury selection is set to begin. As of now, the trial will start June 18.

Pion is facing multiple felony charges as a result of the incident.

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