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New Law Prohibiting Idling of Motor Vehicles Starts Monday

NEWPORT — If you’re one of those people who likes to leave your car idling while you run inside the gas station for a few minutes, be warned. Starting Monday, if caught, you will be ticketed.

Vermont’s prohibited idling of motor vehicles law takes effect May 5, 2014. This law applies to all motor vehicles. It limits the idling of vehicles to five minutes in any 60 minute period.

A penalty of $10.00 will be assessed for a first violation, $50.00 for a second violation, and $100.00 for a third and subsequent violations.

There are exceptions to the five-minute limit, including but not limited to:

• Police, fire or emergency vehicle idling
• Commercial bus idling when passengers are on board
• Idling to ensure adequate windshield defrosting
• Idling to power work-related operations for trucks
• Idling for sleeper berth purposes
• Idling for maintenance, repair, service or diagnostic purposes
• Idling on private property for vehicles of 10,000 pounds or less

For more info on the new law, CLICK HERE.

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