Party in Irasburg Turns Violent: Four Arrested

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IRASBURG — A wild party last night in Irasburg became a crime scene after a large fight broke out inside. A home next door to the party was also vandalized in the process, leaving Vermont State Police calling for backup from the U.S. Border Patrol. Many were underage, and four were arrested.

On Friday, April 18, the police were called to the Rowell residence in Irasburg at 11:45 p.m. after they contacted the authorities to report that their window had been smashed out by a rock that someone had thrown from a large party next door at Thomas Pingree’s residence. According to police, the Rowell’s reported that there were kids outside yelling for Mr. Rowell to come out and fight. They were also throwing bottles all over the place.

When the police arrived, a large fight had broken out inside Pingree’s home. The police were forced to enter the residence by force and subsequently had to restrain numerous people who were actively fighting. The state police requested assistance from the Border Patrol as the crowd numbered roughly 50 people.

Numerous people fled the area when the police arrived, however, many were screened for alcohol consumption. Several tickets were issued for underage drinking.

Pingree, 25, was cited for unlawful mischief and enabling the consumption by minors.

One man, age 18, was charged with providing false information to a law enforcement officer. Two others were charged with disorderly conduct and under age consumption of alcohol.

The police are saying that the case remains open and additional charges may be forthcoming at a later date.

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