Police Looking for Missing Runaway From Saint Johnsbury

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ST. JOHNSBURY — The search continues for runaway Lauren Blackmon, now age 17. During the early morning hours of October 9, 2012, Blackmon, ran away from her residence on Moose River Drive in St. Johnsbury.

Blackmon, who was living with a friend’s family, was facing relocation out of state. It is believed she intentionally ran away to avoid the move. Within a month of running away, there were reported sightings of her in the St. Johnsbury area. However, since these initial reports, no further sightings were made to authorities.

The case remains open and active with the Vermont State Police. Follow-up interviews with family, friends, and associates of Blackmon have not revealed any new contact between Blackmon and these individuals.

Blackmon will turn 18 in October of 2014, but the Vermont State Police remain concerned as there is no indication she is prepared to provide for herself, and officials would like to confirm her welfare.

At the time Blackmon ran away, she was approximately 5’7″ tall, weighing approximately 170 pounds, with hazel eyes, and blond hair.

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