Changes Taking Place in Rock Island but Stanstead Will Still Have a Florist

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STANSTEAD, QC — There’s a sea change taking place in the Rock Island section of Stanstead. It started in December when Les Terrasses Dufferin opened up where La Vielle Douane used to be. And now, as Boutique Fleurs & Passion closed its doors Friday night, a slight shuffling around between a few Stanstead businesses will bring about another change.

Former owner of Boutique Fleurs & Passion, Sylvain Roy, who for over 20 years has been doing business in Stanstead, sold his licenses to sell his popular Crabtree and Evelyn products as well as the Colonial Cape Cod candles to the Familiprix pharmacy. Starting March 3 he will be working with Familiprix to help with the transition. Anyone who is still looking to get these products will find them there.

But Stanstead will still have a florist…and a place to buy candy…and a place to rent a movie…and even a place grab a scoop of ice cream. Amazingly enough, all in the same store. In the future you will even be able to get a tan there as well.

In the final stage of this shuffling around, Vidéo Frontière will be moving down the road from 694 rue Dufferin, their current location, and taking over the store where Roy’s Boutique Fleurs & Passion was located. Nick Houle, who has owned Vidéo Frontière since October 2012, will be bringing in Brian Reynolds as co-owner of the new store.

“We’re doing everything fifty-fifty,” Houle said.

They will be taking over the florist, which will be a new addition to the video store and ice cream parlor that Houle has been running. The plan is also to have a tanning bed up and running soon.

“We’re shooting to have everything moved in by the first of March, and then hopefully open the ice cream parlor on the first of April,” Houle said.

He also said that although the new store will not necessarily be bigger, it’s more open and feels like it has more space. He also likes the location better, saying it is more of a tourist area.

Sylvain Roy agrees that the store is a great spot.

“I did very well in this location,” Roy said. “This was the best location that I had over the years.”

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