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The 10 State Jobs You Didn’t Know Your Vermont Taxes Covered

By Yaël Ossowski | Vermont Watchdog

In keeping with Vermont Watchdog‘s mission of keeping state government accountable, a quick peek at the state payroll is always important.

The state of Vermont has 7,805 public employees, according to the Department of Human Resources, a number that has stayed relatively stable for a decade.

The average state employee in Vermont is 47 years old, gets paid $52,686 and has worked for the government for 12 years. There’s an 86 percent chance they’re in some kind of union.

Loaded with these facts, it’s time to unveil the 10 oddest state jobs in Vermont you didn’t know your taxes paid for.

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Chief performance officer

This high-profile position is held by Susan Zeller in the Department of Agency Administration.

Military storekeeper

The military storekeeper works in the Department of Military and has an annual salary of $38,480.

Taxpayer advocate

The state’s Taxpayer Advocate, Gloria Hobson, works in the Department of Taxes for an annual salary of $77,376.

State economist

Vermont pays its state economist $69,992.

Director Captive Insurance

The director works in the Department of Banking, Insurance, Securities for $108,243 annually.

Dairy products specialist

This lactose-heavy job pockets $61,277 a year.

Director of the commission on women

This executive position pays $76,586 a year to “help women achieve legal, economic, social, and political equality,” according to its website.

Education consultant

This high-profile job is one of the top positions in the Vermont Department of Education

Sex offender supervisor

Housed in the Department of Corrections, this job offers $62,650 a year.

Fish culture specialist

Vermont has at least 15 fish culture specialists, each earning up to $75,000 a year.

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