Police: Island Pond residents busted with 1,418 bags of heroin

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HARTFORD — Three Island Pond residents are facing drug trafficking charges after being picked up by police yesterday.

The Vermont Drug Task Force says they have recently been conducting a heroin investigation in Essex County. As a result of the investigation, Vermont State troopers stopped a motor vehicle on Interstate 91 in Hartford, at around 6:45 p.m. on Thursday.

During the traffic stop, police identified the occupants of the vehicle as 58-year-old Clair Deslandes, 27-year-old Travis Pelletier, and 20-year-old Logan Dupuis, all of Island Pond.

Police say a search of the car led to the discovery of 1,418 bags of heroin.

Deslandes, Pelletier, and Dupuis were arrested, processed at State Police barracks in Royalton, and lodged at Southern State Correctional in lieu of $5,000 bail each.

They were scheduled to be arraigned in Windsor Superior Court today, and are being charged with heroin trafficking, and heroin transportation into Vermont.



      • I totally agree with you T. People are dying from this, their kids and animals die of starvation and dehydration, and Amanda – a relative of Deslandes, thinks it isn’t ‘cool’ to work with the police so the whole network of filthy dealers is busted.

        • The minimum bail amount is just one small example of the liberal leanings of the courts and law in VT. These policies don’t work, and that is the root cause of these issues. Leniency and rewarding bad behaviors are ineffective in taking on such issues.

    • Agreed: drug dealers are lower than vermin. What maddens me is ‘Amanda’ there, a Deslandes, whining it’s not ‘cool’ for gangs of drug dealers to be rounded up so it seems not only the drug dealers should be got rid of but also their dependents and hangers on and those who defend them. Island Pond is a dump, rife with vermin on drugs or selling drugs. President Trump needs to understand that the dealing of – and using of, heroin and other drugs is a crime AND a mental illness, these three need to be jailed in a psychiatric unit for the foreseeable along with their relatives who let them do it. And never let out into normal society again.

  1. Heroin is killing people. That’s what isn’t ‘cool’. Well done to the police for busting these degenerates. I have no sympathy for them.

  2. Is that the best these three could do with their lives: sell heroin?
    These men are a waste of space. They contribute nothing to society. They endanger the lives of others. Instead of helping the community; instead of being useful value producers, they sell smack.

  3. I vote this gang of scum are sent to Mexico and never allowed back in the United States. Let them bake in the boiling sun breaking their backs working in the desert, they’re a waste of energy and space!

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